Wednesday, January 12, 2011

356 status update

arrrrgh!!! i had typed everything out and then my phone ate it!! grrr

here is th list of what ive made in th last 2 days...
- 6 more fridge magnets
- i finished Th Gurl's hat
- i used an empty clothes washing soap container to make a lil bucket to hold my left over yarn balls, will prob decorate it soon
- i made one more stripe for th rainbow blankie and started another that i will prob finish before i go to bed tonite.

bringing the grand total of things made in 2011 to........ 34!!

oh i undid th scarf i was making Tedibear, i decided it was too wide, im going a diff way with it i think, but i cant say how since i kno she reads this!! :-P

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