Saturday, January 8, 2011

wow pt 2

yeah so we were using him for his car. ours needs a new head gasket (a $1500 job), well with Tedibear working fast food and me not working we dont have that kinda money, and we were supposed to be a family. family helps each other out right? we put gas in his car and we even helped on th upkeep, and we had him on our insurance so he would get a cheaper rate! but we were using him. ok. sure.

and now he is telling ppl that we were so horrible to him and blah blah blah. whatever he has to do to help him sleep better at night right? like i said, im hurt but i'll get over it. we have made it through tougher times, we will make it through this. besides, income tax time is coming up and hopefully i will finally get my lawsuit settled from my wreck 3 yrs ago.

and i can really honestly say i dont wish him ill. but i am upset with him, mainly for hurting Tedibear th way he did.

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