Monday, January 24, 2011

365 (not 356 like i put on an eariler update) in 2011 update

so i was at 34 things made last time i checked in. new to th list of finished items

- th red stripe for th rainbow blankie.
- 8 more fridge magnets
- i made a specimen style picture for th kitchen. it has alternating pink elephants and blue tedibears on a white glitter paper background. its in a 16x20 frame. im kinda proud of it if i may toot my own horn! :-)
- does dinner count?? ;-P although if dinner counted i would have to raise th number of things to do! i dont cook every night, Th Boy helps ALOT, but i do a few times a week at least. but anyway....
- i started my idea book, just need to decorate th outside.
- started 2 other projects as well, but i wont count them til im finished.

so that takes th grand total up to.....45!!

im going to try and get some ideas i have transfered from my phone to th idea book, depends on how the printers acting. id rather type out lists cause i HATE my handwriting! ;-P Th virgo in me likes neat lists.


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