Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New years resolutions blah blah blah..... Im so sick of hearing ppl say they are going to 'be a better person this year!' only to watch them fall off th wagon before jan is over. Ugh.

other things im sick of
- 'friends' that are 2faced, just caused i vented to you about someone that hurt or offended me does not mean i am 'talking shit about them'. And if you go tell that person i am 'talking shit about them' then you really arent being much of a friend to me are you? No, you arent.
- ppl that claim to understand or get me but then prove they dont by whining that im 'so mean and such a bitch to them'. Newsflash! I fully admit to being a bitch, usually within th firsr 10 mins of meeting someone. I dont have an internal filter so i tell you what im thinking if you ask. Which means if i think you are acting like an idiot i will tell you. I wont try and kiss your ass and tell you in a nice way, i will say 'i think you are acting like an idiot' that doesnt mean i dont like you, it just means i thought you were acting like an idiot at that moment.
- smart ppl that act like idiots on purpose cause they think its cute but then get 5 kinds of butthurt when you tell them they are acting like an idiot and you are tired of it. Really? Put on your big girl panties and deal. If you dont want to get called an idiot dont act like one on purpose!!

whew! Ok i think i vented enough for this first post of th year, i will try to not bitch so much in th next one. Try. :-P

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