Monday, January 17, 2011

i kno i shouldnt but......

we all do it anyway. im talking bout comparing ourselves to others. i dont want to 'make money' with this blog, im really just doing it as an outlet to talk bout stuff cause Tedibear doesnt really get th crafty thing. she likes th after effects but doesnt deal with th before mess very well. so while it would be nice to have followers or even readers that dont live in my house, im not worried bout it. i mean i know the best way to get your blog out is to comment on other blogs, but i dont cause i dont want to offend anyone. i mean, most of the crafty blogs are written by hetrosexual, married, christian mothers of younger children. why would they bother to read something so different from their norm? this lesbian, pagan, not allowed to marry th person she loves, mother of teenagers/young adults is either going to scare them (esp when i mention the mohawk and th 15 piercings and 9 tattoos!), or they will see my disclaimer and assume we wont have anything in common. and please dont think im trying to generalize here, im just going off my expirences, when th christian crafters see me they shut down and shut me out. and yeah it hurts a bit. i mean i dont stop reading their blog just cause i dont agree with their choice of religion, or cause they have young kids. i look everything over and adapt if i can.

bah, ignore this post, im just in a whining mood i guess. im gonna go make something for my baby, that always makes me feel better!

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  1. I Love YOU Babygurl!!!!!! You're my life, my wife, my heart, my reasonen for wanten to except ppl THE WAY THEY ARE, and NOT JUDGE them.... You're my companion, my best friend, and a GREAT Mother, Lover, Person, and Crafter.... Without you, I could probly go on, but I wouldn't want to, it'd be hard to find meanen of anything anymore.... So, I don't care what others think of you, or you and me together, cuz even tho we disagree ALOT :-P, we'r perfect together and for eachother, and most importantly, WE LOVE EACHOTHER :)