Wednesday, January 12, 2011

got myself in trouble!

so i was telling Tedibear and Th Gurl bout this lil blog here and i told them what their nicknames were, and thats when i got in trouble! Tedibear was fine with hers, she is my tedibear. it was Th Gurl that was miffed!! see, she is dating Th Boy, my son, and they both live with us now, and i am just tickled pink that they are happy together!! but i dont want to be one of those meddling moms that tries to push for marriage or meddles in their kids lives, so even tho i would be over th moon happy if th kids did decide to take that walk down th aisle, i dont want them to think im pushing. but, apparently th other day i introduced her as Th DIL (daughter in law) so when i said what her nickname was she acted hurt and was like 'oh i thought i was Th DIL? guess im not that important huh? huh? huh?' lmfao!! so i told her fine i would change her nickname and then write a post bout it so here it is! i thought being a mom was hard when they were little, its so different now they are teens/young adults!! i cant say harder, but just as hard - in a different way!

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