Saturday, January 8, 2011

On a happier note.....

The disco-ballification has finally happened!! I found a tute (i think from CraftGossip) that took a ball ornament and wrapped a string of pearls around it for a xmas ornament, well we dont really celebrate present day at la casa de freak so i tweaked it a bit and am just calling them disco balls. i used the mardi gras type beads that we had collected from th Pride parades we have been to in th last few yrs, then i used a sharpie to put the city and th date. our living room has faux wood beams on th ceiling so Th Boy just used push pins and hung them along th beams. Its very cute if i do say so myself! Its night now or i would attempt to upload a pic, but im still not sure how thats gonna work from my phone. hopefully soon we will be able to get internet and i can do more with this blog >.<

i'll list my wips and crafty todos in th next post.

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